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torstai 3. kesäkuuta 2010

The long hard road out of hell

Howdy ho folks!

This is the day that everyone's been waiting for over two years now, the recordings of the third MyGrain album are about to start! We can tell you that we're surely not the ones who have been waiting for this the least. The last year and a half or so that we have been writing and putting the new songs together, hasn't been the easiest time for the band. As our sound has taken huge steps forward to more progressive and complex direction, it has meant that finding the last forms of the songs has been way more difficult than before. All this has taken a lot more effort than we could have imagined when the first chords were composed and we're relieved that the biggest work is now behind. All we have to do now is to try to play the hard shit we've been working with during this long period, ha! The forthcoming months will show us, whether we have trained enough or not.

So, what can we tell you about the new album at this point? The album won't be named at all - it will simply be "MyGrain" as we feel this is a new start for all of us. Above all, it is a new start musically, as we have a new awesome guitarist Mr. Downhill who has played a huge role in writing the new songs. The old fans don't have to lose their sleep though, because the comments on the demo versions have almost without exception been "this is truly something new, but sounds exactly like MyGrain." We ourselves are really excited about the new stuff cause it offers us and the listeners some challenges. Everything won't necessarily open up instantly, but the reward stands in the end. Where there is progressive touch, there's also catchy riffs and choruses as there's always been. Where there are songs that you can hear that are written with guitar in hand, there are riffs that you can hear their origins lie in keyboards. So there will be a lot of new and also familiar things to spot.

We have been very lucky to get a really professional crew to work with this time. As you may remember, we haven't had an actual "producer" on the previous albums, but this time we do. We've been honored to work with Janne Joutsenniemi, who you most likely know from Suburban Tribe and the legendary Finnish band Stone. As a producer, he has worked with bands like Stam1na, Ensiferum and Kiuas. Although we have always been very skeptical towards anyone else than ourselves touching the songs the six of us have written together (yes, on this modern era of technology we still make all the songs in our rehearsal room), this time we took the chance of making things a bit differently than before. I guess sometimes it's good for you to listen to the others as well when making decisions (greetings to Alec at Spinefarm!), because so far our collaboration with Janne has worked like a dream. Let's see how we all feel after the recordings, hehe!

We will also record the album differently than before. Orbit Dance and Signs of Existence were recorded and mixed at the same studio (Sound Supreme), only mastered at a different place (Finnvox). This time only the drums will be recorded in a studio (Seawolf) and for the rest of the recordings we have rented a place from Herttoniemi, Helsinki where we will build a studio and spend the rest of the summer recording everything else. This provides us an easygoing recording session: we will have more time and even save a couple of dimes at the same time.

The mixing and mastering will be handled at Unisound, Sweden by the legendary Dan Swanö. From behalf of myself I can say, that working with him feels surreal. I've been spending my years by listening to Edge of Sanity and the other bands he has had his fingers on (Katatonia, Opeth, Novembre, Diabolical Masquerade, Pain... to start with) - not forgetting Nightingale or the timeless Moontower solo album. Never could I have even dreamed that one day we will be working together. Lucky bastards are we!

I was supposed to write a short entry to welcome you to read our studio blog but well, I should know myself by now! ;-) The drums have now been assembled at a marine environment in Seawolf studios and tomorrow DJ will start hammering the first beats on the last chapter on this neverending story called "the third MyGrain album". He will take over from now on... And his entries won't surely be this long... Nighty night!

- Eve, on behalf of the other MyGrain dudes, my brothers in metal!